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What it means to be macro

Our mission is to shake the table, break the table, and smash the table and remove the barriers to true self expression.

Meeting platforms today aren’t built with the user in mind. They box you in, tone you down, and make you put up a front. We want to change that. We want to bring you back into the conversation. The FULL you.

On Macro, you come first.

Boundless Connection
Forging genuine bonds with people through playful meetings.
Authentic Self
Letting yourself feel comfortable enough to be yourself, even in front of complete strangers.
Intentional Inclusion
Reaching out to different communities and figuring out what they need, not what we need. Building with the intent of others in mind.
Unlock Imperfection
Breaking out of the box that you were forced in. You’re allowed to be imperfect! That means there’s always room to grow.

Macro Humans

Some of the first people to believe in us

Amish Jani

FirstMark Capital

Quentin Clark

General Catalyst

Lily Lyman

Underscore VC

Jason Werner

Former CTO, Github

Julie Zhou

Former VP Design, Facebook

Harry Stebbings

Founder/Host, 20minVC

Adam Nash

Former Wealthfront, Dropbox, Linkedin

Clark Valberg

CEO, Invision

Joe Schmidt IV


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