Process, Perfected.

Macro creates high efficiency throughout your existing meeting workflow.

No more switching

No more laboring trying to get your whole team to adapt a new workflow for some hypothetical, promised productivity boost. Use Macro yourself with your team still on normal Zoom.

Sync with Google Docs

Macro instantly syncs notes to an automatically generated Google Doc for that meeting, that you can share with the rest of your team. Recurring meeting notes all live in the same Google Doc, in addition to the airtime reports for each meeting.

Seamless Collaboration

Ready to pair program? Customize your view and let Macro drive the most collaborative virtual meeting experience you’ve ever had.

Better meetings are here to stay.

Just got onboarded to @macro_HQ and this is 100 going to change the way I do video meetings. Really, all meetings. 🤯️
Started testing @macro_HQ today. Love that it shows real-time talk time % per person 🔥️ will be great for our sales team

Ready to see what we’re building?

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