Updates and improvements to Macro

August 24, 2020

Dynamic video count, instant screenshare, & performance improvements βš™οΈ (v1.11.0)

### πŸ“½οΈ Dynamic video count

- Participant video frames will be added or removed to take up the full space available based on the size of your Macro window

### 🏎️ Blazing fast screen share

- Choosing which app to screenshare used to take a sec to populate with all the apps open on your desktop, now it's instant

### πŸ’¬ Chat improvements

- After receiving a chat notification, Macro now automatically opens you to the chat channel that someone messaged you in

### πŸ› Bug Fixes

- If a Macro update was available, sometimes Macro would try to install the update even if you were in-meeting 😱Not gonna happen anymore!

- Significantly decreased CPU utilization when Macro was just sitting at the homescreen


August 20, 2020

See everyone in meeting, a better way to chat, & more πŸ”­ (v1.10.0)

### πŸ”­ See everyone in the meeting

- There's a beautiful new way to see everyone in the meeting, even those without video. The most recent active speakers appear larger on your screen, while the rest of the participants are just a glance to the side.

### πŸ’¬ A better way to chat

- Zoom chat... has some room for improvement. So we've redesigned it - it works just the same for anyone you're chatting with who's not on Macro too. Soon you'll be able to instantly convert a chat into a note

### πŸ–±οΈ Share only what you want

- You can now choose exactly what screen or application you want to showcase when you start a screenshare

### πŸ–ŒοΈ Copy to clipboard

- If you don't use Google docs, or even if you do, you can now 1-click copy all the contents of your notes in Macro to your clipboard, to paste anywhere. Formatting included.

### πŸ–ΌοΈ Rotating meeting backgrounds

- We've got new, daily rotating meeting backgrounds (not virtual/video backgrounds but rather the space between everyone's videos that's normally just black), which adds a refreshing air of 'newness' to your meetings. If you like the standard black background, you can always toggle this off in settings πŸ–€

### πŸ•ΉοΈ Automatic View Toggling

- Macro now intelligently toggles your view when you start your own or begin viewing a screenshare (and toggles back after). As always, you can customize this in settings, and if you're so bold even set Macro to toggle your view anytime you click out of the meeting window πŸ‘€

### πŸ¦‹ Bug fixes & improvements

- You can now re-size the screen share window. Huzzah!

- After a meeting the app now closes and restarts 3x faster 🐎

- When 'waiting for the host to let you in' you were previously stuck with that window smack dab in the middle of your screen. You can now move that around to freely do whatever-it-is-you-do when waiting for a meeting to start.

- Decreased Macro CPU utilization by ~15% in Pro View πŸ€–


August 6, 2020

Introducing Pro View, editable notes, & custom virtual backgrounds 😎 (v1.9.0)

Our biggest update ever...

### 😎 Pro View

- A completely redesigned meeting interface with gobs of transparency, useful widgets, and more. Pro View lets you switch between a larger video-wall style display and a more subtle small-bubble collaborative display anytime you want during the meeting. A picture GIF is worth a thousand words:


### ✍️ Editable Notes

- Notes are now fully editable, even after categorization. Change categories, update text, or delete all right within the meeting interface


### πŸ–ΌοΈ Virtual Backgrounds

- They are fixed, for real this time. And even better Macro now ports over your existing virtual backgrounds from Zoom. We've even thrown in some custom Macro-backgrounds for you to check out πŸ˜‰



July 27, 2020

Updated collab view (control bar + movable video), Zoom as a backup, and Google now optionalπŸ’₯ (v1.8.0)

### πŸŽ‰ New Collab view features!

- You've asked and we listened. We made the collab view controls much easier to find. Mouse over the always-present Macro icon and your meeting controls will be there to greet you.

- A new control we've added: the ability to move the videos anywhere you'd like! Move them to somewhere else on your screen, or even a different desktop or monitor. Just click & drag to move


### 🀷 Google now optional

- Authorizing with Google is no longer required to use Macro! If you want to still pull in your calendar events to the homescreen, quick-launch into meetings, and have your notes automatically synced to a google doc then you'll still need the Google Oauth. But importantly, it's now optional.

### πŸ”™Having issues? Use normal Zoom in a pinch

- Since we're early there are still plenty of πŸ›to find and squash. If you're having any issue getting into your meeting, now there's an option to launch right in with normal Zoom, on the same screen you were previously only choosing between Discussion / Collaboration view.

### πŸ› Bug Fixes

- Sometimes you'd see a 'Waiting for host to start your meeting' when you're the host of a meeting. Bug be gone! (This has been fixed).


July 20, 2020

Zoom links, meetings IDs, & a space for feedback πŸ› (v1.7.0)

### πŸ› Bug fixes

- Occasionally Macro wouldn't launch properly when you clicked on a Zoom link. Have no fear - links are in the clear! (That's been fixed).Β This may require a computer restart to fully take effect


- Trying to enter a meeting ID into the Macro home screen would cause the app the crash 😱 Meeting IDs are now good to go.

- The control panel in Collaboration View would sometimes be tricky to find - we've made it easier to show so you can access your meetings settings much faster.

### πŸ”Ί A place for feedback

- We've set up for you to submit any bugs you encounter or feature requests you think of!

- Some awesome ideas submitted by users that will be coming soon: Draggable collab video bubbles, in meeting- switching between discussion & collab view, and editable notes