Updates and improvements to Macro

October 13, 2020

How it started: 430MB, how its going: 273MB πŸ’₯ (v1.15.0)

### πŸ‘‰ Automatic view toggling

- Whenever you've switched away from the meeting to another app on your computer, fully covering up your meeting, Macro will automatically toggle views. This helps you feel present with your team, while still letting you go about your business!

- The first time your view automatically toggles, Macro will call it out and make sure you'd like to keep this behavior turned on. If not, you can change this anytime in settings πŸ–€


### πŸ”» Even lower app size

- How it started: 430MB

- How its going: 273MB πŸ’₯

### 🐎 Even faster app launch

- Fastest launches yet, and we've got more improvements coming. Whether clicking a link or hitting launch from the homescreen, Macro gets you into your meetings @fast


October 6, 2020

We've been quiet for a's why πŸ‘€ (v1.14.0)

Over the last 3 weeks we haven't posted a changelog. We've been heads down working on making Macro a much more stable and reliable experience. A few highlights of what we've shipped:


### 🀫 6 silent version updates to the app

### πŸ› Found and fixed 23 unique app-crashing / severe bugs

### πŸ“‰ Reduced app size from 430MB to 307MB (!!)

### πŸ”™ Toggling views retains the position and size of the window when you return


And a whole lot more. These massive improvements were brought to you by our stellar engineering team πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘They've also been working on some infrastructure updates that are laying the groundwork for some brand new πŸ’«features we have launching soon!


September 9, 2020

Interruption detection, live reactions, & webinar support πŸ™… (v1.13.0)

### πŸ™… Interruption detection

- Let's face the facts, its easier to accidentally (or not accidentally) interrupt people in virtual meetings. The Airtime map now subtly indicates when an interruption is occurring to help avoid future interruptions!

- We've been tuning the criteria for what constitutes an interruption and would love your feedback here. See an interruption in your meeting that goes undetected? Let us know!

### πŸ˜„ Live reactions

- Zoom reactions are a bit...stale. We've added live reactions to better share your feelings with your meeting participants.

Click a live reaction to see what we mean!

### πŸ¦‹ Improvements

- Webinar support is finally here!

- The ⌘M modal has been updated with a new design and quick access functionality


September 1, 2020

Self view, next meeting, & more πŸ₯° (v1.12.0)

### πŸ₯° Self View

- Seeing yourself in a large frame takes focus away from the meeting and leads to faster mental exhaustion (Zoom fatigue). We've designed a new self-view experience that isn't the main focus, but still lets you check how you appear to other attendees. You can toggle this in settings πŸ•ΉοΈ


### πŸ”œ Next meeting

- Macro now shows your next meeting underneath the time remaining for the current one!

### ♻️ Convert a chat into a note

- Upon hover, you can convert a chat into a note πŸ’₯

### πŸ¦‹ Improvements

- Normal zoom shortcuts for audio, video, and screen share are now live

- Names of participants show upon hovering over video frames


August 24, 2020

Dynamic video count, instant screenshare, & performance improvements βš™οΈ (v1.11.0)

### πŸ“½οΈ Dynamic video count

- Participant video frames will be added or removed to take up the full space available based on the size of your Macro window

### 🏎️ Blazing fast screen share

- Choosing which app to screenshare used to take a sec to populate with all the apps open on your desktop, now it's instant

### πŸ’¬ Chat improvements

- After receiving a chat notification, Macro now automatically opens you to the chat channel that someone messaged you in

### πŸ› Bug Fixes

- If a Macro update was available, sometimes Macro would try to install the update even if you were in-meeting 😱Not gonna happen anymore!

- Significantly decreased CPU utilization when Macro was just sitting at the homescreen