Updates and improvements to Macro

July 27, 2020

Updated collab view (control bar + movable video), Zoom as a backup, and Google now optional💥 (v1.8.0)

### 🎉 New Collab view features!

- You've asked and we listened. We made the collab view controls much easier to find. Mouse over the always-present Macro icon and your meeting controls will be there to greet you.

- A new control we've added: the ability to move the videos anywhere you'd like! Move them to somewhere else on your screen, or even a different desktop or monitor. Just click & drag to move


### 🤷 Google now optional

- Authorizing with Google is no longer required to use Macro! If you want to still pull in your calendar events to the homescreen, quick-launch into meetings, and have your notes automatically synced to a google doc then you'll still need the Google Oauth. But importantly, it's now optional.

### 🔙Having issues? Use normal Zoom in a pinch

- Since we're early there are still plenty of 🐛to find and squash. If you're having any issue getting into your meeting, now there's an option to launch right in with normal Zoom, on the same screen you were previously only choosing between Discussion / Collaboration view.

### 🐛 Bug Fixes

- Sometimes you'd see a 'Waiting for host to start your meeting' when you're the host of a meeting. Bug be gone! (This has been fixed).

July 20, 2020

Zoom links, meetings IDs, & a space for feedback 🐛 (v1.7.0)

### 🐛 Bug fixes

- Occasionally Macro wouldn't launch properly when you clicked on a Zoom link. Have no fear - links are in the clear! (That's been fixed). This may require a computer restart to fully take effect


- Trying to enter a meeting ID into the Macro home screen would cause the app the crash 😱 Meeting IDs are now good to go.

- The control panel in Collaboration View would sometimes be tricky to find - we've made it easier to show so you can access your meetings settings much faster.

### 🔺 A place for feedback

- We've set up for you to submit any bugs you encounter or feature requests you think of!

- Some awesome ideas submitted by users that will be coming soon: Draggable collab video bubbles, in meeting- switching between discussion & collab view, and editable notes

July 13, 2020

Launch Day 🚀 (v1.6.0)

### 🚀 Launch Day

- Today, we open up Macro to the public with our official launch version! We spent the last week working solely on behind-the-scenes improvements to security, quality, and reliability so you'd have a great experience.

### ⬆️ TechCrunch and Product Hunt

- In addition to releasing the product to the public, we've launched on Product Hunt and have a TechCrunch article detailing Macro. Go check them out after your meeting!

### 🌐 New page

- If you're not already on it, go to to check out the new and improved website.

July 6, 2020

Click-behind-video, CMD+M, and Settings ⚙️ (v1.5.0)

### 👻 The 'Houdini' - click behind video
- Now in Collab mode you can access things behind the video bubbles on the desktop! As you mouse over a video frame, it becomes transparent - along with the two adjacent video frames - letting you click on whatever is behind!
### Ⓜ️ ⌘+M
- We've got a new shortcut experience to access Macro when in Collab mode. At anytime, just press ⌘+M on your keyboard to bring up a slick new, ephemeral interface for taking and viewing notes in the meeting while not disrupting your meeting flow.
### 👪 See all participants
- In Collab mode, you can now click to see a list of all meeting participants so you know who's in the meeting besides the 6 immediately visible bubbles on your screen!
- If fewer than 6 meeting participants and someone has their video off, there's now a subtle indicator of the number of non-video participants so you're not left wondering where the voice-with-no-video is coming from!
###⚙️ Settings
- Finally...Macro settings! From your Mac menu bar you can access Macro (and Zoom) settings from Macro > Preferences.
### 🐛 Bug Fixes
- Occasionally the airtime map would get wonky in 2 person meetings, that's been fixed!
June 30, 2020

Enhanced notifications in Collab Mode 🛎️ (v1.4.0)

##🛎️ Enhanced notifications in Collab Mode
- We've added extra notifications in collab mode when people are joining/leaving the meeting, waiting to be let in, sharing screen, and more!
##⏲ Outcomes with timestamps and authors
- Categorized notes now show the time at which they were taken and who wrote them! No more playing guess who with multiple Macro users in the same meeting.
##🐛 Bug Fixes
- Computer display no longer falls asleep if in Collab mode 😴
- Sometimes Macro wouldn't automatically launch after installing, that's been fixed.
- Occasionally would try and launch too quickly after clicking a Zoom link and would error out, we've eased back on the throttle for smooth sailing
June 23, 2020

Its finally here...Collaboration Mode🔥 (v1.3.0)

### ✨Collaboration Mode

- Tired/annoyed/frustrated by Zoom taking up your whole screen and blocking you from getting actual work done with your team? Shift into collab mode - a brand new interface for Zoom that shapes and organizes video into a more natural way to work with your team

- Choose either Discussion (standard) or Collaboration Mode before you launch into every meeting - all from your familiar Zoom links.


### 🏁App launch speed
- With some under the hood improvements, Macro now launches even faster right into your meetings.
### 🆘Help is just a click away
- We've got a new button that lets you chat directly with us in the app if you're experiencing any issues with Macro!
### 😎Joined via Macro
- If you're using Macro to join a meeting, your participant name will have a subtle 'joined via Macro' appended!
### 💨Airtime in large meetings
- If you're in a large meeting, the airtime map now intelligently displays only the top 12 participants by airtime percentage, no more cluttered maps with lots of participants (some of you have some huge meetings 👀)

June 15, 2020

Calendar-integrated home screen, brand new note taking, and more ✨(v1.2.0)

### 🗓️ Updated homescreen with deep calendar integration

- The Macro homescreen now displays your upcoming meetings with rich information about your acceptance status, time, and a quick link to launch right into your meetings!

###📓 Brand new note taking experience

- Outcomes just got a fresh coat of paint 🎨As you type you can see the options to categorize your note, including a new, highly requested, 'General Note' option.

### 💌 Automatic post-meeting email summaries

- After you leave a meeting, you'll get an automatic email from Macro with the summary of your meeting notes, including the airtime data ✨

### 📁 Gdrive folder organization

- We've cleaned up your Gdrive 🧹Meeting docs are now automatically organized in Macro Meetings > Individual Meetings or Recurring Meetings folders based on the type of meeting

### 🐛 Bug fixes

- Protected zoom domains without a password now work perfectly with Macro

- Full-screen no longer covers up a portion of the participant videos or screenshare

June 4, 2020

Home screen 🏡 and meeting countdown timer (v1.1.0)

### 🏡 Home screen

- Macro now has a home screen! When you open the app manually, you can click to start or join a meeting.

### 🏄 Updated onboarding flow

- When downloading and installing Macro for the first time, there's a richer experience to welcome new users - now with with plenty of gifs!

### 📝 Changelog

- There's a new little dot in the top right corner of Macro 👀This lil guy is our changelog indicator. Click anytime to see the most recent updates to Macro. The dot also turns red to notify you a new update has been installed in the background and new features await.

### ⏲️ Meeting countdown timer

- Right under the meeting name you can now see how much time is remaining in the meeting! If you run over (we've all been there) the timer starts going in to overtime.

### 🐛 Bug fixes

- Sometimes there'd be a sneaky little Macro window creeping up in the corner of your screen as you were launching into a meeting. That's been nixed.

May 27, 2020

Over the air updating, loading screen and collapsable components (v1.0.3)

### ☁️ Over-the-air updating

- The days of reinstalling Macro every time we launch a new feature are no more...
Whenever we’ve made Macro even better, you’ll be prompted to automatically upgrade from the app itself - at the end of your meeting!

### ⏰ Loading screen

- We've added a launch screen with a 🆒loading spinner as soon as Macro launches, so you confidently know that you're being chauffeured into your meeting.

### 🙈 Collapsable sections

- The Macro notepad and outcomes sections can now be collapsed/uncollapsed as often as your heart desires.


### 🔍 Always in focus

- Now the Macro sidebar window is magically 🔮always in focus. No more extra clicks when you need to switch between the main video UI and the sidebar.

### 🐛 Bug fixes

- Sometimes Macro wouldn’t join a meeting when coming from a Zoom link in Gcal. We updated our URL parsing to handle opening any Zoom link, from anywhere
- Along similar lines, Zoom would occasionally open at the same time when Macro opened. Separation anxiety...we've made it clear to Zoom that we can handle your meetings ourselves 💪

May 19, 2020

Airtime visual update + live stats and faster app launch (v1.0.2)

### 👀 Airtime update


- Many of you have been loving and sending feedback on the airtime map - we've given it a fresh coat of paint that now dynamically highlights the active speaker.
- When you hover over a participants bubble, you'll see their full name, and their airtime stats broken down as a % and in minutes+seconds format.

### 🏎 Faster app launch

- When clicking a meeting link, Macro now launches and joins your meeting 50% faster!
Zoom Zoom.

### 🐛 Bug fixes

- When joining a Zoom meeting, sometimes the connect-audio modal would disappear - no more! You'll automatically be connected to the meeting via computer audio from here on out.
- The header of the Macro window would occasionally disappear 😱, that's been fixed.

### 🔺 Zoom SDK update

- We've updated to the latest and greatest version of the Zoom SDK, containing the most recent security features (GCM encryption), and more.

May 11, 2020

Discussion mode, onboarding updates, and more (v1.0.1)

Lots of behind-the-scenes updates as we've been collecting feedback from early users, and some new features!

### 🐛 Bug fixes

- Re-sizing the Zoom window would sometimes result in a detached or misplaced Macro more! Re-sizing is silky smooth.
- External monitor hiccups - if you were using Macro on an external monitor, sometimes the app would "break away" from the Zoom window, now they stay together (forever <3)

### ✅ Google verification

- Macro's Google Oauth app has been officially verified by Google. If you're using 2FA you can now complete the onboarding and use Macro

### 🏄‍♂️ Onboarding updates

- Macro requires macOS Mojave or later, some people haven't updated in a ... while 🥴Now Macro detects your macOS version and takes you through a custom onboarding flow based on your macOS security requirements
- Zoom sign-in with SSO now available!

### 💫Discussion Mode

- A new mode for Macro - when the primary purpose of your meeting is to chat with the other attendees, Discussion Mode puts the people front and center.
- Turned on by default, Discussion Mode set Zoom into gallery-mode
- Slick new mic, video, and instant screen share buttons populate in the Macro side-bar for quick toggles between your most common zoom settings

April 30, 2020

The first release (v1.0.0)

## Features

### 📦 Native app behavior

- Detect when you've clicked a Zoom link, closes the tab, and launches you right into your Zoom meeting
- Support latest Zoom meeting room security protocols (waiting rooms, authorized users, etc)
- Integrate sidepanel as part of Zoom meeting UI, dynamically draggable and resizable
- Ability to perform all standard Zoom functions while in meeting (share screen, virtual backgrounds, etc)

### 🏄‍♂️ Onboarding

- Stylized onboarding and first-run requiring sign in with Zoom and Google drive Oauth
- Automatically run app after installation complete and close app post onboarding

## 📣 Airtime

- Dynamically show live airtime distribution during a meeting in Macro sidepanel
- Toggle between "Last 5 min" "Last 30 min" or "All meeting" to view airtime breakdown
- Support for joining a meeting late and pre-populate existing attendees
- Support for new attendees joining a meeting after already initialized
- Added fluctuation animation modifier to visualize airtime more interactively

### ✍️ Notepad

- Note categorization modal triggered automatically after 'enter' key registered
- Hitting spacebar in notes does not unmute user from Zoom call

### 🚀Outcomes

- Animation magic when note transitions from notepad to outcomes
- Scrolls to most recently added note
- Oneway sync in realtime with Google Docs after each note is entered, clicking share, or clicking the Gdocs link
- Share button mailto instantly populates with outcomes and google doc link
- Google Doc populates with meeting name based on meeting in your calendar at the same time
- Outcomes are full